Avatar HBR-1402

Buran Series

Avatar HBR-1402 has a standard 1-din size, and is powered by an onboard voltage of the car - 12 V. An important advantage of the product is its ability to play music files from different sources. The front panel is equipped with USB, SD and AUX inputs.
The device is equipped with a segment display, which lights up a nice neutral white color. Buttons highlighted in red.
Avatar HBR-1402 player can perform not only MP3 music stored on USB or SD, but also has a high-sensitive radio tuner with memory storing for 12 stations.

  • It is multipurpose for all car models
  • High-sensitive radio tuner
  • Memory storing for 12 FM stations
  • USB/SD MP3 player
  • Output power 4*50 W
  • Preset EQ (classical, pop music, rock)
  • AUX audio input on the front panel
  • Linear audio output of RCA sound
  • The fixed panel
  • Red backlight