Avatar HTU-1401

Tsunami Series

Model HTU-1401 - is a multipurpose 1-din USB/SD player with bright blue backlight and detachable panel, which is to become a leader in this price segment!
USB, SD and AUX inputs are on the front panel together with the controls and high-contrast matrix enlarged display.
Avatar HTU-1401 is equipped with a highly sensitive digital radio receiver.

  • Digital high-sensitivity radio tuner
  • Memory storing for 12 FM stations
  • USB/SD MP3 player
  • Adjustments: balance, fader (front/rear), high and low frequencies
  • Output power 4*50 W
  • Preset EQ (classical, pop music, rock)
  • AUX input is on the front panel
  • Linear audio output of RCA sound
  • Detachable panel
  • Blue backlight